Willa Road Children's Center (WRCC) is an independent, not-for-profit center providing early care and education for children of ages 12 months through 8 years.

Our Mission

We value the inherent worth and dignity of each individual child and staff member and foster an environment of diversity.  We accept and encourage each other.  We bring the cultures of the world into the classroom and nurture an appreciation of the interconnected web of life.  Our staff provides gentle, loving care and guidance, a sense of routine, and developmentally appropriate challenges.  The center encourages the growth of confidence and self-discipline and helps the child to achieve his/her fullest potential emotionally, socially and intellectually. 

We believe in fostering and celebrating the child’s culture, interests, experiences and learning styles through multiple instructional strategies to optimize the child’s opportunities for learning.

We believe that when caregivers and parents work together based on mutual trust and respect, they form a team for the benefit of the child’s growth.

We believe that all children shall have an opportunity to work toward lives of fulfillment and success, and as parents, caregivers and community members it is our obligation to enable them to lead such lives.

We believe that all children should have access to a safe high quality education that includes a developmentally appropriate curriculum and comprehensive services that support their health, nutrition and social well-being.